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Our Commitment

Environmental, Social and Governance Framework


Our Commitment
to Preserve the Environment

  • Become carbon neutral
  • Achieve zero-waste status in production of our wines
  • Preserve ecosystems and biodiversity in our vineyards and wineries

Our Commitment Responsibility

Our Commitment
to be Social Responsible

  • Ensure safety and wellness of our team
  • Protect our customers’ privacy
  • Provide a diverse and inclusive working environment and fair compensation
  • Produce low-input and safe wines

Our Commitment Governance

Our Commitment
to Excellent Corporate Governance

  • here to highest ethical standards as established in our Code of Business Practice policy
  • Ensure our supplier network abides by our standards
  • Maintain engaged and diverse Board of Directors including Audit and Compensation committees

Since its founding in 1991, Crimson Wine Group has held sustainability as one of our core values—it’s the right thing to do, and we know that these efforts result in higher quality wines and the preservation of our estate vineyards for future generations. We are committed to sustainable farming and winemaking and are continuously cultivating and expanding these practices. Our multidisciplinary Green Team meets regularly to monitor and improve our practices and to implement the latest sustainable practices, ensuring long-term viability of our business and quality of life in our community. In addition, we are members of the Porto Protocol, which is a commitment to work towards minimizing the impacts of climate change.

We believe in creating wines that express their natural origin and that will be complex and elegant for years to come. Most of our wines’ sulfite levels fall within biodynamic wine standards, which is 100 ppm or less, while the typical standard for conventional wines is 350 ppm or less.

Crimson Wine Group pays close attention to how our employees are treated. We offer quality healthcare, continuing education, and competitive wages, and provide safety training so workers are prepared in the case of an unexpected accident.

As we think about social responsibility we consider the entire scope of our business. Every aspect of our operation can make a difference and therefore we engage all of our stakeholders: viticulture, winemaking, packaging, employees, sales, marketing and our communities. The infographic below summarizes our areas of focus and the interdependency of these efforts.