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About Crimson Wine Group

“Crimson’s culture is rooted in the simple idea that we serve in this enterprise together. That we are stronger when we are contributing to an environment where our consumers are valued, our communities are flourishing, and all of our employees are celebrated, welcome, and belong.”

-Jen Locke, Chief Executive Officer

Our Philsophy

Our Philosophy

Learn more about our vision and the values that drive Crimson Wine Group.

Our Leadership

Our team is dedicated to crafting the very best experiences for Crimson Wine Group fans. Whether that’s through a great bottle of wine or an afternoon at our tasting room, meet the team who makes it all happen.

Our Commitment

As we think about social responsibility we consider the entire scope of our business. Every aspect of our operation can make a difference and therefore we engage all of our stakeholders: viticulture, winemaking, packaging, employees, sales, marketing and our communities.

Chamisal Estates


Since its founding in 1991, Crimson Wine Group has held sustainability as one of our core values—it’s the right thing to do, and we know that these efforts result in higher quality wines and the preservation of our estate vineyards for future generations.

Introducing Our Stockholder Ambassador Program

Learn more about a special program for stockholders of Crimson Wine Group.

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